Commit to Accomplishing What You Want

Written by Eric Leaman


“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford 

The things you will achieve in life are those things that are well-defined, and to which you are truly and completely committed, 

If you are not 100% committed to what you want, trying to achieve anything is like grabbing Jell-O –you think maybe you have it, but there’s really nothing to hang on to. 

The higher your commitment level, the clearer the vision of reaching your goals will be. You’ll be able to SEE what you want clearly, as if you already have it, and by seeing it your path to receiving it becomes clearer. 

What is the best way to ramp up your total commitment? Look at what the item, when accomplished or gotten, can do for your life. 

Ask yourself why you want to achieve or have that particular ‘thing’ or goal. 

Take the written lists created when you asked yourself “What do I want?” and answer for every item: What will it do for me? Why is it important to me? What will my life be like when I have reached it? How will achieving it change things for me? 

The narrative statements you will create become that ‘vision’ I discussed. A visual image you are creating in your mind’s eye of how your life will look, feel, and be when you have achieved or attained what you want. 

Picture yourself doing what it takes to succeed and you will soon find yourself believing that you can and guess what, once your believe you can… you will. 

Let me leave you with this: The test of being true committed is like the difference between eggs and bacon at breakfast. The chicken was involved. The pig was committed. This little joke illustrates the nature of commitment. To be truly committed means giving 100% of everything you have and at all times to completing your objective, and really caring about the outcome. It means having the tenacity and backbone to create the outcome you desire, regardless of the amount of energy it takes to accomplish. 

“Commitment leads to action. Action in brings attainment.” – Marcia Wieder 

Remember commitment is part of the FIRST step to your personal and professional success: there are nine more. 
1. Know what you want and commit to having/accomplishing it. 
2. Believe that you can and will accomplish what you want. 
3. Use your imagination and allow yourself to see what things will be like when you accomplish them. 
4. Create a plan to accomplish what you desire and act and improve on it every day. 
5. Never procrastinate. 
6. Be tenacious and positive. 
7. Look outside yourself for help. 
8. Trust your instincts. 
9. Lose all negativity, fear and doubt. 
10. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the destination. 

This will be a journey so, as I say in #10… enjoy the journey, enjoy the destination. 

Also remember: “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb 

Eric W. Leaman 
Organization for Entrepreneurial Development 

Unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit. 
Change your mind … and EVERYTHING changes

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2 Responses to Commit to Accomplishing What You Want

  1. Brenda McCutcheon says:

    Jenny: Great article by Eric Leaman, thank you for sharing it with the group.

    • You’re welcome Brenda. Please feel free to ‘like’ the article and share with your own networks using the buttons above. Thanks in advance for your support in ‘spreading the wisdom’ :-).

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