Is your Networking ‘not working’? Useful Job-Search Tips

networkingWritten by Jenny Okonkwo

Job seeking is widely recognized as one of the top 5 most stressful activities – alongside other life changing-events such as planning a wedding, moving house, etc.

As human beings we strive to avoid having to do these things on a regular basis. In a time when many could carve out a lifetime career with a single firm, this also used to apply to job-seeking.

However as we all know,  times have changed. Many professionals are changing jobs more frequently than ever before. The dreaded phrase “In Between Jobs” is no longer a reputation-sinking confession. With increased mobility across worldwide borders the candidate pool is now a global market.

Networking can really help you re-enter the job market, accelerating the job-search itself and boosting one’s morale. Although people need to talk, it is vitally important to maintain focus, professional boundaries and avoid the distraction of overly personal, situation-specific details. Its not easy. These forthcoming articles provide some tips on how to do just that, by treating the networking meeting as a forum for a mutual discovery process.

To follow:

Part 1: Preparing For the Meeting

Part II: The Meeting Itself

Part III: Follow-Up

This important topic will form the basis of a forthcoming ebook where we will be interviewing people to collect their views.

About Jenny Okonkwo

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