Here’s what some of my clients and colleagues have said about my work:

“Jenny is a very organized business professional who has an excellent ability to focus on process in order to get more done in less time. I would recommend her for any company that requires business processes to be developed and implemented.”
Eric Conway, CMA

“I initially hired Jenny for a short-term contract to document and review our internal processes and procedures following a restructuring of our Finance department. Her ability to sort through the different data, most of the time incomplete, all the while meeting the critical deadlines were beyond my initial expectations. I therefore extended her contract for an entire year as the “value add” she brought to our business was key to our mid-term success .

Jenny was also a critical part of the change and project management that I was overseeing and her leadership and organizational skills helped us achieve the benefits we were anticipating. Her outstanding dedication and professionalism made her an integral part of the team which helped reinforce the business relationships within our organization. I really look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”
Marco Calabretta-Duval, CPA,CGA

“The financial management aspects of our New Product Development project were streamlined to be ‘in process’ by Jenny, thereby introducing the corporate governance and compliance being sought, from an internal controls perspective.

This project was a strategic initiative mandated by Head Office and required a high level of cross-functional involvement. Jenny’s high interpersonal skills meant she was able to coordinate and list the help of cross-functional partners up to executive level in both Canada and the US. In doing so Jenny also partnered very effectively with Marketing, providing them with critical financial decision support throughout the project.

Jenny delivered on the project objective as instructed and beyond my initial expectations. She independently identified areas that required further clarification and resolved them which led to an even greater level of financial control within the processes.

I would have no hesitation recommending Jenny to other organizations.”
Jorge Sossa

“Jenny has a unique blend of strong financial acumen coupled with an excellent interpersonal style. She is a creative thinker who works methodically through the planning stage of the project to ensure that the brief is clear and all parties have brought in to the process and objectives.

She achieved all her projects on time and on budget and ensured they delivered the required business impact. It was a pleasure working with Jenny and I would have no hesitation in employing her again if she comes back to the UK to work.”
Wendy Fleet

“Although it was many years ago that I worked with Jenny at Deutsche Bank, I have vivid memories of top quality analysis deliverables being submitted on her behalf. More importantly, since then, she has proven time and again to be a considerate and methodical professional who can deliver quality projects that meet and exceed requirements in terms of both functional and financial benefits.”
John Hair

“As the Marketing lead on a test market project, I partnered with Jenny from a financial perspective to achieve the strategic and financial objectives set out by the organization. As this was a special project and was structured outside of typical company processes and procedures, we faced a variety of process challenges.

When Jenny came on-board midstream, she immediately impressed me with her ability to not only easily navigate all the company systems, but quickly identify and fix a variety of financial process issues enabling her to complete a challenging financial reconciliation.  She built a tracking process to monitor and capture billable and non-billable items across 3 global business units,, ensuring accuracy of the financial statements to give a true picture of the P&L impact on the Canadian operation.

Her thoroughness is a particular strength, and her experience in financial analysis made her a valuable asset to the test market team. Jenny demonstrated an ability to manipulate and analyze data from multiple sources and utilize it to make meaningful business decisions. In addition to her financial skills, she is also very personable, a solid team player, and a true pleasure to work with!”
Caroline Bassin

“Jenny was brought in on a short-term contract to develop business process documentation on a number of business critical processes. There was a new team in place and very little or no existing documentation.

Consequently, Jenny’s task was to not only to prepare the required documentation but also to coach the new team to critically evaluate their processes as they were learning them. With Jenny’s process orientation and facilitation skills, she helped the team develop a comprehensive suite of process narratives that can be used for training, process audits/measurement and on going process improvement.

We were so pleased with Jenny’s approach and results that we extended her contract and expanded her role to include project management. Among Jenny’s strengths are her organizational skills, her approachable management style, her ability to keep projects on track and on time and her ability to extract value from every day processes. Jenny made a meaningful contribution to our organization.”
Laurel MacKay-Lee, CPA, CA

“Jenny worked with me as a project finance and management office professional. She was very fast to learn and added value to the team immediately. She brought domain expertise as well as fresh ideas to the business processes. She was a key player and contributed to the success of the team”
Paul Cobban

“Jenny’s contributions on a strategic Finance project within Shared Services provided us with first-time visibility to a complex business relationship with a major customer. By working directly with KPMG on Labatt’s behalf, Jenny enabled me to divert internal resources and address other challenges impacting our business.

Jenny understands the needs of her clients and their expectations. In short, she is excellent at customer management. I would definitely use Jenny’s services again and would highly recommend her services to other organizations. Nick Sama, National Commercial Accounting Manager Labatt Breweries of Canada / Anheuser Busch InBev”
Nick Sama

We hired Jenny to assist us on a short-term contract to test our internal control framework as part of our annual Sarbanes-Oxley evaluation process.

I was extremely pleased with Jenny’s performance. Her learning curve is short and she was able to quickly understand what is a fairly complex structure and business model. Not only did she undertake to complete the assigned tasks but she also made very cogent recommendations on how to improve the processes around the various aspects of our framework.

Communication between her and the various parties involved in the SOX framework was ongoing and professional and I was very pleased with the testing results and recommendations. Her interpersonal skills were excellent.

I highly recommend Jenny for projects involving control structures, business process re-engineering, project management and similar roles.” Bob Motz

” Jenny demonstrated the depth of her expertise to pro-actively identify potential compliance and business process risk. Despite coming from outside the industry Jenny quickly came up to speed with the way we conduct our business and applied a practical, pragmatic and thoroughly professional approach to problem solving. She worked tirelessly with members of my team to coach, train and mentor them on best practice. This included raising awareness of the potential risks and implications for our company and helping the accounting function to develop robust reconciliation strategies and solutions. It is anticipated that these will help mitigate the threats to the completeness and accuracy of financial reporting.

Due to her advanced interpersonal and organizational skills, Jenny was capable of working effectively to deliver as per the Services agreement by quickly engaging with functional disciplines across the organization including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll / HR, Inventory and Logistics, Inside Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing and IT Kelly Demerino

“We were impressed with Jenny’s ability to work to tight deadlines and prioritize deliverables in line with our needs, with a great sense of urgency. . She took over legacy accounting records and produced accurate financial statements in short order, including changes in share ownership and new share issues. She is now lining up to submit our SR&ED claim financials as part of our 2012 and 2013 corporate tax returns. We highly recommend Jenny’s services.”
Murray Etherington

“In Jenny’s role as National Reporting and Systems Manager at Molson, I had opportunity to work with her again as she was responsible for a key part processes I was auditing. As with all my interaction with Jenny, she participated in an honest, forthright and professional manner.

She also provided valuable insight into the overall processes, which allowed the audit team to scope back the extent of their work. I hope to and look forward to working with Jenny again in the future as she consistently displays a professional manner and prioritizes the businesses foremost.”
Yusuf Essop, MBA CIA

“I had the opportunity to provide HR support/services to Jenny Okonkwo at Molson Canada. Jenny was very diligent, dedicated and invested in the success of her team and in developing her skills as a People Manager. Jenny was very thorough in all of her reporting and in providing mandatory documentation she was required to submit such as performance management forms, action plans, etc.. It was truly a pleasure working with Jenny.”
Francine Poirier-Cox

“Jenny is a diligent worker who focuses on any task given to her until complete. She is able to dig into the details until issues are resolved and then present concise conclusions to her manager.”
Lorna Scott, CPA, CA, CMA

“I had opportunity to work with Jenny on several engagements at Molson Canada. Specifically, I collaborated with Jenny on the SOX 404 compliance work she performed as part of her quarterly responsibilities. Further in Jenny’s role as Supply Chain Finance manager, the Toronto internal audit team frequently sought out Jenny’s assistance and guidance with respect to issues that pertain to finance and more specifically supply chain finance.

Jenny also took time to demonstrate how to run reports from the SAP BW (Business Warehouse) database. I am personally grateful for this assistance, as this knowledge improved the overall audit effectiveness of my team. I hope to and look forward to working with Jenny again in the future as she consistently displays a professional manner and prioritizes the businesses foremost.”
Yusuf Essop, MBA CIA

“Jenny worked in our Corporate Finance, SOX team. I had dealings with Jenny while addressing some SOX testing queries she had and I found Jenny to be open-minded and practical in her approach. Jenny was always professional and pleasant to work with.”  – Lisa Godinho

“I had the pleasure of working with Jenny during her SOX consultant term at J&J while testing the internal controls for my area.

I appreciated her resolution to get the job done well and I was impressed with Jenny’s ability to grasp the complexities of the control environment in a very short amount of time. Jenny brings extensive accounting and business knowledge to the table, which enables her to make quick assessments and decisions. Jenny’s professional manner is impeccable which allows her to engage and work effectively with new teams.”  Elena Ban

“In few words I threw Jenny into a pit of rattlesnakes and she came out as the most brilliant snake charmer ever! I hired Jenny to clean up, decipher multiple boxes of unkept records and help me make sense out of ten years of history.

In the end I got complete auditable financial records that impressed me but most important my always wary Accountant! Jenny showed initiative, flexibility and definitely demonstrated her deep understanding of accounting principles. She is organized, hard-working but still knows how to laugh.

While she comes with my highest endorsement I went ever further and walked her over to one of my clients and said hire her to clean up your financial matters. They did and they were definitely impressed. I will say the same to you, if you need accuracy, efficiency, dependability and knowledge Jenny can and will deliver on all fronts!”
Curt Skene

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